Monday, 20 October 2014

The Falls Drive

View from Carrs Lookout
The Falls Drive takes you on a scenic route past Boonah to Killarney via Teviot Gap and has numerous short walks along the way. If you're after a more relaxing day out with some short walks this should definitely be high on your list.

Teviot Falls
Moss Garden:
After heading through Boonah and taking the right turn onto Carney's Creek Rd. you ascend the Main Range via Teviot Gap. After stopping at the lookout for Teviot Falls you continue through beautiful grassy farmland until you reach a small break in the trees to the left with a sign indicating the Moss Garden.

This short walk follows the border fence through, you guessed it, moss covered trees and rocks. Not being geared up for a longer walk we stopped once the fence headed severely down hill and headed back the way we'd come. Definitely worth the stop.

Queen Mary Falls:
Heading to this lovely spot on a weekday would certainly have its advantages. It is very popular, although for good reason. The falls themselves are impressive and the upper viewing platform is a short walk on a well made track from the picnic ground.

Queen Mary Falls
The base of the falls can also be reached by a very well graded track which heads past the viewing platform. This can be done as a circuit, arriving back on the other side of the picnic ground.

Queen Mary Falls
Female Satin Bower Bird

Daggs Falls:
Ok, I know this is a hiking blog, but I couldn't leave this one out. Daggs Falls can be seen from a viewing platform right next to the carpark and is definitely worth the stop. I investigated some foot pads leading down to the left from the platform, but the ground is very loose and I wasn't prepared for a mini epic for the chance at some better photos.

Daggs Falls
Browns Falls:
The final stop for the day was for Browns Falls. After seeing some excellent photos online of these I was excited to get there myself. From the carpark the track leads back under the road and follows the creek. This provides a beautiful cool setting for the walk and the water must be crossed at a few points via some easy rock hopping. There are plenty of reflective markers to show the route.

After passing a few smaller cascades you eventually reach the very picturesque Browns Falls, featuring spectacular columnar rock formations.

Browns Falls
Our route back to Brisbane took us through Woodenbong, along the Mt. Lindsay Highway and past Beaudesert.