Thursday, 18 July 2013

Another Day at Frog

An all too familiar scene for those heading to Frog on the weekend
Climbers, as would many people involved in a specialised hobby/sport, have their own language. Whether it's talking about gear, describing a route or simply talking about where they went on the weekend, it is part of what forms a community around an activity. My brother and I have to be careful at family gatherings as we will talk at length about anything climbing related, essentially excluding the rest of the table from the conversation. My Wife, despite not climbing herself, has also been forced to learn the language and these days is also quite fluent.

When answering the question of "what did you do on the weekend?", one response sure to baffle all but the dedicated climber (or climbers spouse...or the occasional bushwalker) is: "We had a great day at Frog on Saturday". Firstly, is Frog a place? If so, where is it and what do you do there?